Thursday, July 1, 2010

The World's Largest Website of Frozen Custard Stores

The site is now ready to use. Click on Find by State you will be able to visit any of the 1500+ Frozen Custard stores in the USA.

The stores are listed by the state they do business in and they must have a website or Facebook page to be included on the site. We are adding sites as fast as we can type-if you own a store and haven't been included (must have a website or Facebook page) please email your website/facebook address and we'll get you listed ASAP.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ollie's Frozen Custard NEW VIDEO- 2010

Ollie's June 2010 Newsletter


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ISSUE: June 2010
Past issues of the Newsletter are
available by clicking the link below


Hello Ollie's Lovers!

Dad's Day- June 20th . Bring Dad to Ollie's & he gets 25%
off his Treat.

We have 2 New employees-Please welcome
Carol Brant to our serving staff & Village resident-
Gladys Crane to our PR & Catering division.

We will be at The Relay for Life - June 4th
at the Rolling Acres Sports Complex. If you missed the relay at
The Villages -Now is your chance to attend. These events
only come around once a year. This is our second
year at this wonderful event.

If you have an event you would like our mobile cart to appear
at-please call bob @ 352.259.3568. We will donate
a percentage of our sales back to the group sponsoring the event.

We started the month with S'MORES Day at Ollie's on May 6th.
Maryjo & Gary Bergland-both Villages residents- invented
this NEW product. They want to THANK all of you who came out
to their day @ Ollie's and helped them with their test marketing.
They are about ready to launch it nationwide and your comments
and input were a big help to them.
Here's your chance to try it before the rest of American does.
If you liked to make S'mores growing up- then you'll love this!
We are now selling S'MORES CRUNCH by the bag-see display
in store.

Kegg's Candy Day on May 17th-Pecan Crisp was a BIG
hit with you. We still have a few bags for sale of this Yummy treat
& some sampler boxes of their fine, Handmade chocolates available
at the store. See their website for more of their fine
" Handmade Chocolates and Confections-Since 1946"

and take a video tour of their factory at

We also did an ICE CREAM social for The Buffalo Boosters
Club. This Great group supports our student althletes
throughout the school year and finished up the year with a luncheon
honoring some of the many standout student athletes
at The Villages High School. After the lunch they all had
Ollie's Sundaes for dessert. What a Great bunch of kids!

Coming Soon- Optimist Club Day @ Ollie's &
Special Kids Day @ Ollie's. These events are to raise
$$$ for these GREAT charities. A percent of our sales on these
days will be donated to them. If you are associated with a charity
and would like a Day @ Ollie's to raise funds for your group-
Please contact Bob @ 259.3568.

Our cart will be at Del Webb @ Spruce Creek for their
annual 4th of JULY parade & Nathan's Hot Dog picnic.
We Love to attend this Event every Year!

Coming November 5-10 2010
Guardians of Freedom: Celebrating America’s Veterans
This is a FREE ADMISSION event and
is a must attend event for every veteran
living in The Villages. Ollie's will be doing alot
of pre-event promotion at the store leading up
to this history making week and will be there the
entire 6 days.
This huge event will be held at @
The Florida Carriage Museum & Resort.
located on Marion County Road in Weirsdale off
CR 25.
Click on the links below for more information-
Guardians of Freedom: Celebrating America’s Veterans

We now have a page on Face Book-here is the link
it's updated daily, so if you want to know what we're
doing- just go to the page and click on the LIKE button
and become a FAN of ours.

New contest for our Newsletter readers
It's called "IDEA of the Month" -to enter just
email me your idea on How can we make Ollie's
Better. We are always trying to improve our
products and our store and here's you chance to
HELP. Send your suggestions to
The winner each month will get a $5 gift certicate.

NEW Product coming out this month.
Ollie's Frosted ICE. When we started our store
about 10 years ago, we served Frosted Lemon aide
everyday in cups. We are bringing this back and making
it better. It's similar to Italian Ice and available in
Lemon, Strawberry, Cherry and Pineapple. Look for
it in our display case at the front of the store.
Price for a 9 oz. cup will be $2.00 + tax.
It's going to be HOT this summer and these Frosted
ICE Treats will keep you COOL-grab a few and keep them
in your Freezer @ home.

And last but not least-We are still collecting boxtops
for The Villages Charter School. Please give them to
the cashier next time your in the store. Thanks to you
and your efforts-we raised over $500 for the school.
Keep clipping those boxtops.
Click on the link below to see what they look like.

I hope you enjoy our 4th issue of our monthly Newsletter.
Please read it and let me know what you think.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.
Thanks for your support!
To subscribe to our Newsletter go to our website @

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Newsletter from Ollie's Frozen Custard

1. Welcome
2. Flavors for March
3. Product Information.
4. Did You Know?
5. Web Site Discount Specials
6. Win a FREE LUNCH @ Ollie’s
7. Ollie’s Sillies
8. Subscribe
Hello Ollie Lovers!
I hope you enjoy our 1st issue of our monthly Newsletter.
Please read it and let me know what you think.
My email address is
I look forward to your comments and suggestions.
Thanks for your support!
2.-Chocolate Malted
3.-Orange Pineapple
5.-Mud Pie
6.-Black Raspberry
7.-Butter Pecan
9.-Chocolate Almond
10.-Maple Walnut
11.-Amaretto Cherry & Choc. Pieces
12.-Strawberry Cheesecake
13.- Black Raspberry
14.- Butter Pecan
15.-Cookies N Cream
To see the rest of the month or to make
a copy of our Flavor Calendar
Click on this link
Our website! – Can be reached using either of the following names

Shakes and Malts! -- We make the best in town! Choose from 8
different flavors. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry,
Raspberry, Peach and Coffee.

Boston Shake!-Is our Regular Milk Shake topped with a small
sundae on top plus whip cream & a cherry.

Ollie Bites! -- What are they? Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookies
with Ollie’s Vanilla in the middle. Yum! Located in our store
take-out freezer.

Ollie Bars! –Vanilla Custard dipped in Chocolate and sitting on a
stick. The perfect take home snack. Try a plain one or with
toasted almonds. Located in our store take-out freezer.

NATHANS Hotdogs-We proudly Serve America’s favorite
Hot dog. (Since 1916) with 6 FREE topping. Ketchup, Mustard,
Spicy Mustard, onions, sweet relish or Sauerkraut. Chili add $.50

Sugar FREE!- Did you know that we serve Chocolate Sugar FREE
every Monday and whatever the Flavor is on Wednesday we also
make it in Sugar FREE. Vanilla is served on Tuesday, Thursday &
Friday and we now have a Sugar FREE version of Black Raspberry
on Saturday & Butter Pecan on Sunday.

NUTS! – Most of the nuts served @ Ollie’s are imported from Chicago
By The Ricci Family. They are originally from Italy and have been roasting
and selling nuts in Chicago since 1919. Visit them on the web @

Ollie’s Punch Cards!- Pick one up next time your
at the store. Make 12 purchases of $2.24 of more
and get a FREE regular sundae.(A $3.99 value)

Credit Cards! -- As a service to you, Ollie’s accepts
All Credit Cards by using our in-store ATM machine.
There is a small fee and you can get $10, $20 or $30
Instantly using our ATM machine.

Signature Sundaes- These are our large Sundaes &
We currently have 6 of them.
1-The Schwartz-named after the founder of The Villages.

2-Banana Split-The Biggest in the Villages.
3-The Turtle-Hot Fudge, Caramel & Roasted Pecans
4-The Strawberry Volcano

5-The Villager-Like a Banana Split but nuttier.
6-4 Berry Lovers-Our Newest Creation

Stop by our web- site and check out our
sundae descriptions and photos.
** St. Patrick's Day honors St. Patrick, the patron saint of
Ireland. March 17 was not the day he was born but the day he
died. Even though we don't know the date of his birth, most
scholars believe the year was 385 AD and the year of his death
was 461 AD.

** Far from being an arbitrary indicator of the changing seasons,
March 20 (March 21 in some years) is significant for astronomical
reasons. On March 20, 2010, at precisely 1:32 P.M. EDT, the
Sun will cross directly over the Earth's equator. This moment
is known as the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. For
the Southern Hemisphere, this is the moment of the autumnal

** It has been medically proven that pessimism raises blood
pressure. The more pessimistic a person is, the more likely
he or she is to die earlier than optimistic counterparts.

** On a clear day with blue skies, lightning can jump outside
of its parent cloud and travel for more than five miles
through clear air. This is called the "bolt from the blue"
phenomenon. The study of lightning is called keraunopathology.

** Thomas Edison, "the Wizard of Menlo Park," established an
"invention factory," the first industrial research laboratory,
with the hope of producing a new invention every ten days. In
one 4-year period, he obtained 300 patents, or one every
five days.

** When Elizabeth I of Russia died in 1762, 15,000 dresses
were found in her closets. She used to change what she was
wearing two and even three times an evening.

** The earliest known photograph of the star-spangled banner
was made at the Boston Navy Yard in 1873.

** As an advertising gimmick, Carl Mayer, nephew of lunchmeat
mogul Oscar Mayer, invented the company's "Wienermobile."
On July 18, 1936, the first Oscar Mayer® "Wienermobile" rolled
out of General Body Company's factory in Chicago. Wienermobiles
still tour the U.S. today.
Click on the link below for our current discount coupon.
Print the page and clip the coupon. It's easy.
Hurry – The current offer expires on March 14, 2010!
Each subscriber to this newsletter is
automatically entered into a drawing each month
For a FREE LUNCH @ Ollie’s consisting
Of a NATHAN’s Hotdog, potato chips &
a soda. Who says there is no such thing as a

Watch your incoming e-mail, you may be a winner soon!
Also, tell your friends & family to subscribe.
Click on the link below to subscribe
They could be winners too!
In a rush to work one morning, I pulled up to the
drive-through window at a fast-food restaurant and ordered
some coffee.

Because I was in a hurry, I asked them to put a couple
of ice cubes in the coffee so it would cool down more
quickly and I could drink it faster.

I sat there at the pick-up window for a few minutes, wondering
where they had to go to get my coffee, when a frustrated
teenager finally came up and said, "I'm sorry for the delay,
but the ice you wanted in your coffee keeps melting!"
This newsletter is only sent to people who subscribed.
Our member list is not made available to others.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Frozen Custard Music Video

How to start and run your own Frozen Custard Store.

Are you thinking of opening a frozen custard store without the knowledge or experience needed to be successful? I offer complete training and assistance for individuals who plan to open their own frozen custard store. I have owned Small Businesses for over 35 years and have been in the Frozen Custard business for 12 years, I Know what it takes to make you a successful operator! I currently own/manage a very successful Frozen Custard Store in The Villages, Florida. You will get the knowledge and training needed to
Make you profitable plus you will save $$$ on start-up cost due to common pre-opening and early operational mistakes that are usually made.
Save yourself time, headaches, sleepless nights and a whole lot of $$$. Click on the logo to visit my website @

Some of the Many topics, you will learn about include:• Writing your Business plan-We have a sample one already written.
• Locating and Selecting your Store site-Owning versus leasing.
• Designing and Floor Planning your Store.
• Constructing your Store-Finding a Good General Contractor.
• Costing and selecting your Equipment.
• Locating Vendors and stocking your store.
• Designing and Pricing your Menu.
• Store organization, selecting and hiring personnel, inventory management
• Scooping techniques and portion control.
• Selecting a mix, flavoring of the mix, add-ins Toppings.
• Health inspection, contamination, hygiene and sanitation.
• Making products-Sundaes, Shakes, Concretes
Frosted Drinks, Bars, Pies.
• Product development and packaging.
• Marketing of your Business.
• Low Cost Promotions that work.

Please call @ 352.259.3568 Noon-5 PM EST (Mon-Thurs.) or
Email me - for more information

A video about Frozen Custard

Here is a video about my store-Ollie's Frozen Custard in The Villages,Florida.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Frozen Custard Stores in Florida!

Click on the logos to visit their websites
My store in The Villages, Florida

Located in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Located in Winter Haven, Florida

What is Frozen Custard?

When asked the question, I get many different answers. Some typical responses are, "Is that the stuff inside donuts?" or "Is it pudding?" But usually the response is, "I have no idea!"
Frozen Custard is a gourmet ice cream treat which first originated on Coney Island, New York, as a carnival treat at the turn-of-the-century. The popularity of Frozen Custard quickly grew and was the rage of the East Coast. Frozen Custard could be found at many East Coast resort areas. Many travelers had a chance to taste the new sensation and it quickly spread to the Midwest. Milwaukee is currently considered the "Custard Capital of the World." The enjoyment of Frozen Custard was taken by "Snowbirds" to winter resort havens. The result, shops had to satisfy these customers. The popularity of Frozen Custard is spreading into every state in the USA.

To understand the reason for the great taste of Frozen Custard, all you need to do is read the label of ingredients. Frozen Custard must contain at least 10 percent butterfat and 1.4 percent egg yolk. Traditional ice cream must only contain 10 percent butterfat. Butterfat percentage can vary in mixes, typically between 10 and 16 percent. It is interesting to note that many frozen dairy treats are not really considered ice cream because of the ingredients. Mixes can be developed specifically for a shop so the owners can fine tune their own unique taste.

Typically, Frozen Custard is made daily and served at 18-19 degrees Fahrenheit. Traditional ice cream is made at 22-24 degrees Fahrenheit, flash frozen to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, and stored at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Scooping and serving temperature for ice cream is 5 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit. (See picture above of Ross-2 Barrel,frozen custard machine)

During the manufacturing of ice cream, the volume can double in size by beating air into the mixture. The expansion of the product by introducing air is call "overrun." The volume of air and the size of ice crystals can result in a coarse texture. Frozen Custard usually has about 20 percent overrun.